Visiting Canva Studio, London

Last month Abbi had the chance to attend Canva Studio London’s launch week, as they opened their first European office.

For their opening, they welcomed guests with varying skill levels to attend the event and partake in a workshop, create their own designs on the platform or even just talk to staff and enjoy the refreshments and snacks on offer.

Here’s what Abbi had to say about the experience:

I went to the Canva studio on the Thursday of their opening week to learn more about the new tools they were adding to the platform, such as their text-to-image AI tools and design ideas.

At the studio, I had the opportunity to attend a few of the classes that interested me the most: Social Guru and Branding. These sessions talked about different ways to keep branded work harmonious and how to cater designs clearly for social media. Personally, I found these really useful to get me out of a creative black hole I’d been stuck in, as I can sometimes need a fresh look away from the content I make daily, to help inspire new ideas.

The staff at the event were so helpful and approachable with all the questions I had on the day (who showed me lots of tools I’d never even noticed before!) They even helped me to make a fun little tote bag using some of the ideas that I’d developed on the day.

We use Canva to create many different materials for our clients (and ourselves!), such as social media posts, videos, stories, newsletter headers, blog banners, postcards and so much more. Canva is especially helpful when creating content that is branded for each client, as it allows you to create your own brand kit, consisting of different logos, saved fonts and specific colours that match the brand guidelines.

The platform can be much more approachable for simple work over using Photoshop, as it has simple drag-and-drop elements, as well as a collection of usable graphics, fonts and audio too. Learning all these different techniques on the platform makes my work process much more efficient and allows me to keep everyone’s look consistent too.

If you’re ever in London and need some help with manoeuvring around the platform, I’d highly recommend stopping by and asking the team for some help. Alternatively, give us a message! We have several members of our team who are experts using the platform every day, who could help create social content for your page.

We have experience in creating different designs for a variety of industries and uses, so get in touch to let us know what you require.


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