Twitter is Paying Creators Ad Revenue on Their Threads

Going forward, Twitter will now share ad revenue with creators for any ads appearing in their threads. The update was announced by Elon Musk back in February, so many creators have been eagerly waiting for this update to appear on the platform.

To help users understand this new update, we’ve talked about:

  • Threads compared to Twitter
  • Twitter Blue Subscription options
  • What exactly can be monetised
  • What are the requirements to be paid

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Twitter VS Threads

With the recent launch of Threads (which managed to reach 1 million users in 5 hours!), it’s no surprise that Twitter felt the need to push efforts to keep their top tweeters on the platform.

As Threads is still very much in its early days of operations, it’s unclear whether they will also introduce a creator pay scheme in the future. Currently, Mosseri has said they have no plans to put adverts on the platform just yet, with the focus being to keep users on the platform and to create a comfortable environment for all.

To learn more on how to use Threads and the potential updates to come, check out our latest blog. Also, check out our own Threads account!

What Are the Requirements for Content and Creators?

Many creators were sharing their pay announcements at the start of this week, with some receiving up to 50K thanks to the new scheme.

The requirements are quite strict for who qualifies; the user needs to be active for at least 3 months, subscribed to Twitter Blue and receive more than 5 million Twitter impressions each month, to receive a payout.

Twitter has said that no violence, gambling, drug or alcohol content will be allowed to be monetised on the platform, as well as no sexual content. The restriction on sexual content was quite an unexpected move, considering the percentage of sex workers on the platform and its allowance of adult content in general.

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is a monthly subscription option on the platform, costing £11 a month/£114.99 a year ($8 per month/$84 a year) and allows users to get the blue tick next to their username, along with access to early features introduced on the platform, such as this new scheme.

Now, Twitter Blue is the only way users are allowed to edit their tweets once published, get prioritised rankings, format tweets with bold and italic text and create tweets with up 25,000 characters, just to name a few. Other features include:

  • Bookmarking Folders
  • Change app icon display
  • Upload videos up to 2 hours long
  • Choose a theme for your display
  • Upload an NFT profile picture
  • SMS Two-Factor Authentication

Check out Twitter’s official guide page to learn more.

Do you think this will help Twitter keep its audience, or is the change too late?

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