The different types of email marketing (and why you should be using them all!)

With so many different types of email marketing available to businesses nowadays, it can be confusing to know which suit your business best.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different formats available, what their purposes are and why every business needs to be using email marketing more often.


Newsletters are the main form of email marketing that businesses use and can be sent periodically, usually every month (but can be more frequently!).

These can be a great tool to keep your customers up to date with any company changes, events or promotions running, industry changes and even fun anecdotes that you may want to share. Newsletters don’t always have to be just for your customers either. Depending on your industry, this could include other local businesses that equally want to stay informed, stakeholders or even others in the trade across different continents from you.

A newsletter is a perfect tool to keep your brand relevant and at the forefront of all your customers’ minds. By sticking to a regular routine, your customers will eventually expect and possibly even look forward to your regular updates, helping you to build up brand awareness and consistency.

Worried you don’t have the time to stay on top of regular emails? Contact our team to discuss how we could help you with your company’s newsletters.

Automated E-Commerce

Automated emails in general are a great tool to utilise, as you can avoid sending out time-consuming emails that are a part of a regular routine, such as post-purchase follow-ups and re-engagement emails.

An example of an automated e-commerce email is the “thank you for your purchase” email that many retailers send out once your purchase has been confirmed. Using automated emails on platforms such as Mailchimp can keep your customers informed without the need for you to check through all your tracking and order lists, therefore avoiding help conversations with customers too.

Again, these expected emails can help to build up the consumer’s experience with your brand and make them feel cared for and their needs met. You can even automate things such as return discount codes for people who have made a purchase or abandoned their cart, helping you to remarket to people who didn’t quite convert the first time.

Trigger Series for Sales

Trigger emails can be applied to a wide range of cues, whether that is a page visit, clicking a certain button or link, registering for an event, or filling out a form on a page. These are especially handy if there is information you’d like to relay to people who fit into a certain segment (such as people interested in a specific service or event) rather than your entire audience.

A trigger email is another remarketing technique you can use to help people who have interacted with a certain element but have not fully converted.

All these methods can help you to show potential customers that you noticed their interaction and value them, building up their image of your company in their minds. If you use an incentive to bring them back (such as a discount on abandoned cards) this could even help you to build up a customer loyalty scheme, creating a chain of sales from the same lead.

Unsure of how to get started with automation and coding? Reach out to us for our help in setting up an automated email plan.

Customer Service Touchpoint

A customer service touchpoint is any place that someone may interact with your brand, whether that is on a webpage, advert, social media, company blog or even at a physical location. So, how do you use that to turn people into email subscribers?

It is important to always include a call to action with whatever content you’re putting out there regardless of the type. To make the most of their engagement, you should strive to always send your customer to the next step on their consumer journey, even if this isn’t a direct sale. For example, if someone viewed a social media post of yours, this could then link to your site afterwards, to learn additional information and keep their interaction with your brand flowing, providing them additional value.

To keep on top of this, try to include a subscription button for your email marketing on as many touchpoints as possible. Maybe even try to include an incentive, such as receiving a discount on their first purchase if they subscribe.

Not a sales company? Other incentives could be to receive a free resource, information, or advice from your company. Contact us for some tips on the best ways to motivate your audience to subscribe.

Other important email marketing tips

When creating an email marketing campaign, it’s important to always include an opt-out/unsubscribe button so people can easily remove themselves from your email contact list.

Not only does this help to ensure you comply with standards, but it will also act in your best interest, as otherwise your email may be flagged as spam and could lead to it being deprioritised and therefore not seen as often. If you use a platform such as Mailchimp for your emails, this should be templated to easily include in your emails as standard.

Do you need some help getting your campaigns set up and started? Contact our team!

Our team specialises in email marketing and is certified for platforms such as Mailchimp. We can help create fabulous and functional templates for you to regularly use, as well as write curated content to suit your company often.

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