Public Relations

Brand awareness has never been more important in today’s business climate. Which is why we have developed a kick-ass digital PR plan just for you.



Public relations is all about influencing attitudes and behaviours. To be able to do this effectively, though, companies need a solid digital PR strategy, designed to work towards pre-defined goals and objectives.

The world is changing… but is it changing for the better?

We are way beyond faxing, and the days of the standard, plain text press release are fading fast. With a wealth of new, user-friendly tools at our disposal, a more holistic approach to media and public relations is essential. The value of a well-constructed PR strategy has been proven time and again, and the effectiveness of individual campaigns can be monitored and tracked.


EVERY brand news PR but there are particular situations in your business lifecycle where you may need it the MOST.


Infinity’s approach to digital public relations is ever-changing. We always start with the WHY question – why do you want PR.

Usually, the response we get is “because we want more awareness which attracts customers”

Totally valid (and me too by the way).

We then create a tailored approach to understanding how we’re going to achieve your specific goals.

There are lots of PR activities and we have even listed some of them, but you’ll notice we haven’t mentioned social media.

This is because it works in tandem with the media relations activities, so if you’d like to find out how organic social media can support PR then head over and take a gander.


Media Kit & Press Centre

Custom Media List Research

Target Outreach To Media Outlets

Copywriting for awards & blogs


Why Infinity Digital?

Pippa and Abbi are a first-class team and their natural skills blend well together when working on building brand awareness and earned media for our clients.

We have a robust ‘content-first’ social media strategy, which is lead by Pippa, then our super-star crew get to work on creating engaging content for your business.

We pull you in to be part of this process, because it’s important for you to guide us on what is paramount to you when getting your message out there!


The All-In-One PR Plan

Ideal for brands seeking MORE exposure
£ 750 + VAT Monthly
  • Creation of a media kit for your brand
  • Setup of Official Press Centre on your website
  • We'll build you a custom media outlet list - local & national
  • Creation of 1x bespoke press release template
  • Optimise your Google Places listing
  • Optimise your social media profiles & pages with cover photos and bios
  • Research & enter 2 awards on your behalf every month
  • Create and publish 2x blog posts per month inc. stock imagery
  • Research and pitch press releases to your media list - at least 2 releases per month depending on business activity

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions and rightly so! Check out some of our frequently asked questions and their respective answers below.

We don’t believe in long-term contracts, so we have developed a deliverable service that has a 3-month minimum commitment by you.

It’s always best to keep the momentum going and build on our learning.

First thing is first, the cost.

Appointing our agency is lower in cost over employing a digital marketing professional full time.

Secondly, we find that an in-house employee may struggle to keep in the loop with trends whereas our in-house team are constantly updating their knowledge banks with new changes in the industry to support your digital marketing strategy.

In two ways.

You can provide us with photos and videos to use.


We can create the content ourselves with members of our team (or yours) on-location at your office/site or using actors.


Yes, there is only so much you can Google. So, we attend webinars, listen in on your sales calls and ask a ton of questions during onboarding.

This makes sure we get things right, first time.


We’re upfront and honest about the costs associated with digital marketing. We’ll outline everything in a easy to read quotation breaking it all down so you can make your informed decision.

We have multiple strategies for social media and, as standard, we offer to research, follow and engage with your customers and prospective customers to form online relationships – we’ve found this aides the sales process!

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee every press release pitched will be successful.

Despite the teams efforts to build relationships with the media, sometimes the timing is wrong or the outlet has a major breaking story to attend to.

We will however ensure that journalists looking for stories and sources are prioritised so that you get the best chance of being seen by customers.

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