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Bespoke digital marketing workshops for small businesses, marketers and start-ups looking to get inspiration for the next steps in their growth journey.

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Learn how to navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape and effectively target your audience

With the need for every business to have an online presence, you can’t ignore the power of digital marketing tools when it comes to effectively promoting a product or service.

Our workshop has been designed to kick-start or consolidate your digital marketing knowledge so you gain new skills and can progress either your desired digital marketing career path or business goals.

You will immerse yourself into the digital marketing industry and explore theoretical and strategic approaches to digital marketing. The course provides practical activities and insights into the main digital channels including SEO, Social Media & PPC.

We also look at Web Analytics, Mobile and Video.


Now, I know what you’re thinking… Would this even apply to me?

If any of these sound like you, then it’s highly likely that you could do with some support…


A little bit more about workshops

Consultancy marketing is when an expert professional provides strategic advice and guidance on a brand’s marketing as well as supporting with auditing and analytics.

Traditionally, digital marketing agencies help with the implementation and execution of a marketing campaign whereas a consultant is available hands-on support.

Whilst Infinity Digital is renowned for delivering successful marketing campaigns, I have found as we’ve grown, that more and more SMEs need help with their marketing strategy.

Whilst they may not be in a position to instruct our agency to do it for them, they may be able to benefit from my experience to put them on the right path!

How it works

Simply put, this is where you buy a chunk of my time (one off) for 1-2-1 support on your business’ marketing.

Usually, our clients buy our time each month to help them achieve their goals by delivering next-level marketing campaigns across a variety of channels.








Why Jacob?

Exactly, why me?

I may be young, but I have packed quite a bit into my career so far…

  • My journey started as a keen marketing apprentice back in 2016
  • Worked in ye ‘old corp life for one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK
  • Co-founded and comms coordinator for the first LGBTQ+ community network
  • Slipped back into the SME life with UK Kiosks as their Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Did a professional diploma in Digital Marketing with the Digital Marketing Institute back in 2019.
  • Apted Group formed and transformed my entire career with the appointment as MD for Go Aqua UK
  • Boldly went where no one else has gone before (lil’ Trek joke for you there) and founded Infinity Digital in Feb 2021
  • Since then, we have grown to 6 full time team members with a selection of retained clients from a variety of sectors.


That’s just my CV.

The point is, I care, and I am passionate about what I do…

I think when I go into a marketing science explanation in the office, the team must think I am really sad…

But it’s the truth, I blooming love marketing and I know what it can do to help a business achieve their goals.


We have two really simple workshops; half day and full day. 

The content is pretty much the same in both but we’ll have more time to cover a few extra bits in the full day. 

Take a look at what is included with full details below.


Half Day Workshop

Virtual or In Person
£ 650 + VAT One Off
  • What We Cover
  • Business Goals & Objectives
  • Understanding Your Audience - Persona Workshop
  • How To Plan Keyword OR Hashtag Research
  • Introduction To Canva for Graphic Design
  • What Else?
  • Research and analysis completed prior to workshop
  • Includes materials: Audience Persona Sheet & Content Planning Calendar

Full Day Workshop

Virtual or In Person
£ 900 + VAT One Off
  • What We Cover:
  • Business Goals & Objectives
  • Full Website Audit
  • Competitor Deep Dive
  • Understanding Your Audience - Persona Workshop
  • How To Plan Keyword OR Hashtag Research
  • Introduction To Canva for Graphic Design
  • What Else?
  • Research and analysis completed prior to workshop
  • Includes materials: Audience Persona Sheet & Content Planning Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions and rightly so! Check out some of our frequently asked questions and their respective answers below.

First thing is first, the cost.

Appointing our agency is lower in cost over employing a digital marketing professional full time.

Secondly, we find that an in-house employee may struggle to keep in the loop with trends whereas our in-house team are constantly updating their knowledge banks with new changes in the industry to support your digital marketing strategy.


Yes, there is only so much you can Google. So, we attend webinars, listen in on your sales calls and ask a ton of questions during onboarding.

This makes sure we get things right, first time.

Yes. I have made sure that this is flexible for businesses and professionals, so there is no requirement to attend in person. However, I always recommend it because we get an opportunity to form stronger relationships (plus I’ll take you out to lunch 😉)


Whilst I have a framework for conducting the workshops, each business and professional are bespoke, so I tailor it to your unique situation.


We’re upfront and honest about the costs associated with digital marketing. We’ll outline everything in a easy to read quotation breaking it all down so you can make your informed decision.

There are two options.

  1. Online
  2. Bank Transfer


We’ve tried to remain flexible with how you can buy this service, so whatever your preference is!

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