Consultancy Marketing with Jacob Styler

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I am launching a brand-new service! As the founder of Infinity Digital, I am offering up consultancy marketing services to SMEs across the three counties and beyond!

But what is it all about…

What is consultancy marketing?

Consultancy marketing is when an expert professional provides strategic advice and guidance on a brand’s marketing as well as supporting with auditing and analytics.

Traditionally, digital marketing agencies help with the implementation and execution of a marketing campaign whereas a consultant is available hands-on support.

Whilst Infinity Digital is renowned for delivering successful marketing campaigns, I have found as we’ve grown, that more and more SMEs need help with their marketing strategy.

Whilst they may not be in a position to instruct our agency to do it for them, they may be able to benefit from my experience to put them on the right path!

How does consultancy marketing work?

Simply put, this is where you buy a chunk of my time (one off) for 1-2-1 support on your business’ marketing.

Usually, our clients buy our time each month to help them achieve their goals by delivering next-level marketing campaigns across a variety of channels.

Recently, you would have seen that Infinity Digital has positioned itself as a search and social first agency. This means our core areas of expertise are in social media, search engine marketing and paid advertising.

This is where I can help you with training, workshops, research, documented strategy and accountability on your marketing. Let’s face it, we all have a business to run and develop, but sometimes you need a little help (or outsider’s’ perspective) to get you to the next level.

Is it for me?

Do you often sit at networking events or see content on social media from an agency and think… damn… I’d love to work with them but I’m not quite there yet with a budget.

Well, if that is you then I am your man.

Marketing support doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and when I first set out on my mission to help SMEs, I knew where I could make an impact. We’ve grown in ways I couldn’t even have imagined, but I didn’t want to leave small businesses behind. Especially as they have contributed massively to this company’s growth and development.

Why Jacob?

Exactly, why me? I may be young, but I have packed quite a bit into my career so far…

  • My journey started as a keen marketing apprentice back in 2016
  • Worked in ye ‘old corp life for one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK
  • Co-founded and comms coordinator for the first LGBTQ+ community network
  • Slipped back into the SME life with UK Kiosks as their Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Did a professional diploma in Digital Marketing with the Digital Marketing Institute back in 2019.
  • Apted Group formed and transformed my entire career with the appointment as MD for Go Aqua UK
  • Boldy went where no one else has gone before (lil’ Trek joke for you there) and founded Infinity Digital in Feb 2021
  • Since then, we have grown to 4 full time team members with a selection of retained clients from a variety of sectors.


That’s just my CV. The point is, I care, and I am passionate about what I do…

I think when I go into a marketing science explanation in the office, the team must think I am really sad…

But it’s the truth, I blooming love marketing and I know what it can do to help a business achieve their goals.

How do I find out more?

Give me a call and tell me all of your (marketing) problems, that is how it usually starts. Then, we’ll go from there…

Speak to you soon,



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