Visiting Canva Studio, London

Last month Abbi had the chance to attend Canva Studio London’s launch week, as they opened their first European office.

A guide to finding social media trends

Have you ever wondered why you’re seeing everyone on your social media feed posting similar content?

The answer… it is because they are ‘following a trend’.

Social media trends are renowned for their high engagement levels such as video views, likes, shares, and comments.

The reason people do this is because it’s a great way to bring exposure and awareness to your business.

Easy ways to build your Brand Awareness

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Easy ways to build your Brand Awareness What is Brand Awareness? Simply put, brand awareness is having people recognise your company, your brand, your services and your products. There are a few aspects to consider when you want to increase your brand awareness, with these mainly being your social media platforms and web presence. Your […]

The daily tasks of a social media manager

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The daily tasks of a social media manager Firstly, what is a social media manager? There are various definitions of a social media manager and what they do, but I’ve found this from the Digital Marketing Institute, which sums it up very nicely. “Typically, a Social Media Manager is the person in an organization who […]