Is Google creating a generation of Slacker Search Specialists?

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Recent developments in Google Ads see the company pushing businesses more towards their AI ad campaigns (also called Performance Max campaigns, P-Max for short). Using machine-learning algorithms, Google promises better results for your ad campaigns without having to worry about manual optimisation. In practice, this means you give Google all of your ad assets (and […]

What should your PPC Budget be?

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PPC budget. Those two words are enough to make anyone shudder! Budgets are usually met with confusion and a wide variation of advice (which isn’t always correct, or even helpful.) At Infinity Digital, we are here to try and take away some of the stress and uncertainty surrounding the dreaded ‘PPC Budget’. Curious? Of course, […]

Easy ways to build your Brand Awareness

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Easy ways to build your Brand Awareness What is Brand Awareness? Simply put, brand awareness is having people recognise your company, your brand, your services and your products. There are a few aspects to consider when you want to increase your brand awareness, with these mainly being your social media platforms and web presence. Your […]

The sexy new image extensions from Google Ads

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The sexy new image extensions from Google Ads We’ve all seen it, right? The new image extensions for Search Google Ads Campaigns are the hottest new feature to pay per click campaigns. But the question is, what are they and do they have any impact? What are image extensions? Image extensions are a new feature […]