Consultancy Marketing with Jacob Styler

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I am launching a brand-new service! As the founder of Infinity Digital, I am offering up consultancy marketing services to SMEs across the three counties and beyond! But what is it all about… What is consultancy marketing? Consultancy marketing is when an expert professional provides strategic advice and guidance on a brand’s marketing as well […]

3 reasons why you should use niche marketing agencies

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There has been a lot of talk in the office recently about going niche and not being too broad. Chris, our fantastic PM, came up with this piece about why it would benefit you to use a marketing agency that niches down their services and sectors. 1) Why use niche marketing? You may have come […]

Easy ways to build your Brand Awareness

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Easy ways to build your Brand Awareness What is Brand Awareness? Simply put, brand awareness is having people recognise your company, your brand, your services and your products. There are a few aspects to consider when you want to increase your brand awareness, with these mainly being your social media platforms and web presence. Your […]

The daily tasks of a social media manager

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The daily tasks of a social media manager Firstly, what is a social media manager? There are various definitions of a social media manager and what they do, but I’ve found this from the Digital Marketing Institute, which sums it up very nicely. “Typically, a Social Media Manager is the person in an organization who […]

Why you should be investing in influencer marketing in 2022

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Why you should be investing in influencer marketing in 2022 Influencer marketing is on the increase, and we think it’s an important of your social media strategy, and we’re going to uncover why you should be investing in it in 2022. What is influencer marketing? For those that don’t know what influencer marketing is, we […]

Email Tracking – Could This Be The End?

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Email Tracking – Could this be the end? Could this really be it? Tracking your open rates, clicks and location-based reporting from your very sexy email campaigns might be coming to an end… Well, when iOS15 is released that will definitely be the case for some users. Apple have released some new privacy changes that […]