Visiting Canva Studio, London

Last month Abbi had the chance to attend Canva Studio London’s launch week, as they opened their first European office.

Consultancy Marketing with Jacob Styler

Blog graphic depicting Jacob Styler promoting consulting marketing

I am launching a brand-new service! As the founder of Infinity Digital, I am offering up consultancy marketing services to SMEs across the three counties and beyond! But what is it all about… What is consultancy marketing? Consultancy marketing is when an expert professional provides strategic advice and guidance on a brand’s marketing as well […]

3 reasons why you should use niche marketing agencies

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There has been a lot of talk in the office recently about going niche and not being too broad. Chris, our fantastic PM, came up with this piece about why it would benefit you to use a marketing agency that niches down their services and sectors. 1) Why use niche marketing? You may have come […]

Why we became search and social first

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I know what you must be thinking… what does search and social first even mean? Let’s do a quick backstory first. When I launched Infinity Digital back in February 2021, I wanted to create the ultimate one-stop-shop solution for all things digital marketing. I had all the best intentions to deliver on this but there […]

5 Steps to Getting Noticed

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We’ve all been there. We’ve all been in a room where we just aren’t feeling brave enough to speak out, or clever enough to bring something useful to the table. Maybe it’s because we feel we’re too young, or that gender stereotypes are prohibiting us from delivering something valuable to the group. This doesn’t need […]

Why we hated our logo

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Why we hated our logo Why we hate it so much Now you’re probably thinking, ‘why are they dissing their own logo?’ and we know it sounds a bit harsh of us to be so self-critical! Let us tell you why… We’ve been in business for almost 12 months (yay! 🥳) and as the year […]

Introducing our team – Jacob Styler

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Introducing our team – Jacob Styler Welcome to our first ever meet the team blog, where we will be exploring each member of our team, so you can get to know them better. First up is our Digital Marketing Director, Jacob Styler How did you get started in marketing? I started my marketing journey in […]